Ever feel like what you want to achieve in your business is just beyond your grasp? You’re committed to making a difference while generating the growth that provides an incredible life. To the outside world it may appear that you’re a superstar, yet inside you feel stuck even though you’re working hard.

This is how many experts and business owners feel. Building a successful, client filled, soul fulfilling business is both a SCIENCE and an ART. That means mastering proven marketing methods along with finessed messaging and a customized approach that sells what makes YOU unique. More importantly, obstacle-shattering beliefs and habits, building steadfast self-confidence, seeing yourself as already where you want to be, and expressing what makes you unique are essential.

It’s easy to spin your wheels trying what you hope will work, but if it’s not resulting in big visibility, easy client acquisition, and impressive growth then something needs to shift.

It’s time to tap into your true brilliance, discover the innovative, bold strategies that power the most successful businesses. I’m talking about the often overlooked subtle shifts that will dramatically change your results from mediocre to major money-making success.

This is how you 10X Your Business Impact
It’s why I took my years of experience into my book:

The Client Multiplier Marketing Method:

Build an audience and connect with the people and companies that need your unique expertise most, then turn them into clients!

From my book- The Client Multiplier Method: How to Build a Lucrative Consulting Business That Makes an Impact

Here is how this simple but powerful process works:

  • Drill down to pinpoint your ideal target market (most businesses are not crystal clear on this)
  • Connect with those people on the right social media platform daily
  • Communicate with them through messaging and email campaigns using the right “hook” to grab attention
  • Create an Automated, High Response Webinar Funnel that offers value and converts new connections into fans, followers and hot leads
  • More easily Close Sales using our “No Selling” Strategy Call approach

So power of The Client Multiplier Marketing Method integrates these 4 powerful methods to create an easy, semi-automated reliable, quality lead generation system, resulting in more high quality clients and revenues.

  • Build Your Social Media Following: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
  • High Response Messaging & Email campaigns that grab attention and response
  • High Converting Webinar Funnel
  • “No Selling” Discovery and Sales Calls




LinkedIn is the #1 Business Lead Generation social media site in the world. We’ve developed a proven system that will create a valuable Business Data Base of your most high quality prospects.

Most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn to get leads. Most people have ineffective, and well….boring profiles that are not getting noticed. Most people don’t have a messaging sequence that gets connections to say yes to a discovery call.

Most people just don’t have a Proven System in place to go beyond just connecting to building relationships that result in more sales, referrals and even joint venture and speaking opportunities.

We help you build a Golden Business Asset- a database of highly targeted new 1st degree connections who are a perfect fit for your products or services.

10X LINKEDIN LEADS GOLD is a “done with you” process
that provides you with:

Expert Training: 8 in-depth training videos, proven messaging scripts, and downloadable slides to show you how to add up to 300 new connections in your top target market monthly, how to create a profile that gets noticed, how to start conversations with new connections, and how to stand out in your niche

Private Deep Dive Consultation Calls: On these calls we will help you customize your messaging and emails for maximum response, help you pinpoint your best target market for getting new clients and referrals, and we will develop your best profile.

Social Selling Training: First we’ll give you access to the Social Selling Bootcamp online. Then we’ll work with you privately to show you how to schedule discovery calls, what to say and how to turn connections into clients. We even provide our proven script.

Automation: We’ll introduce you to, and train you or your team or assistant on how to use our 2 software solutions to automate much of the process, so you can enjoy…

Increased Revenue and More Freedom!



For DIY’ers.

Would you rather handle your own LinkedIn Lead Generation? If so we created a comprehensive online training that will show you what to do step by step and will introduce you to some of the software we use to automate parts of the system to save you time and money.

Learn more here


Short of personal meetings or live speaking engagements, Webinars are the #1 way to build trust with new connections, offer value, position yourself as the go-to expert and even sell your services.

Ready to create a powerful, money or lead generating webinar that grabs attention?

Let’s create a webinar that clearly expresses your passion and knowledge. We will mold your message using our proven webinar framework, then create an attention grabbing presentation with your branding.

Would you like to build momentum with quality leads that will pay you what you’re worth? Send your new connections to what we call a “Gateway Offer”. This is a free, high value webinar that builds trust in you, gives real value to your audience, builds your opt-in email list, and converts new connections into hot leads or buyers. We’ve taught hundreds of entrepreneur our Webinar Sales Success Formula.

You can also have great success selling using webinars and our clients have generated thousands in online sales doing just that. In fact we’ve trained over 400 people how to use our system.

Your High Impact Webinar will:

  • Grab and Hold Attention
  • Offer Massive Value
  • Provide Your Audience with a Memorable Experience
  • Position You as the Go-To Expert
  • Motivate Your Audience to Take Action- whether that’s scheduling a call with you, or making a purchase.

We even design your slides, build the funnel webpages for your webinar, then train you to deliver it in a convincing way.

The result is an Automated Marketing System that can work for you 24/7! Plus you can use the webinar for Speaking Engagements as well.

Be Seen. Be Heard.

Visibility is all about becoming the go-to expert in your niche, so when people need your type of services, they think of you first. Get in front of your ideal audience, build a following, have people coming to you and referring you to their colleagues and friends.

Think Lady Gaga, Peyton Manning, Brian Tracy,
Tony Robbins….. YOU!

In your own way you can stand out. Here are some of the ways we help.

  • Get clear on where your audience is and how to best grab their attention
  • Develop content that builds your email list- white papers, e-books and reports
    checklists and more
  • Podcast bookings-we can get you guest spots on popular podcasts
  • Brand your business in Social media – we’ll help you tweak your social media pages to get the best response
  • Social media video distribution – we post your video to multiple video sites for maximum exposure
  • LinkedIn profile development – double your profile views
  • Specific content to post on LinkedIn and Facebook that gets likes and shares
  • Media promotions package including speaker and podcast one-sheets
  • Media and video appearance training
  • Press releases
  • Training on how to get speaking opportunities

We’ll help you develop and implement a Visibility Plan that will 10X Your Impact.


Would you like to be a featured guest on our Celebrity TV style Interview series?

If you are a CEO, author, speaker, coach, consultant, or professional expert of any kind with a message, online visibility and status are crucial to your success.

And nothing gets you seen or provides you with better status and respect more than a TV interview where you have a chance to tell your story in a way that positions you as important in your niche.

Imagine being able to include the link or photos of your professional TV style interview on your–

  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Sales pages
  • Bio
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Speaker One Sheet
  • Brochures and Print Marketing Materials
  • What if you could send a video of your interview to prospects before you met with them?

Feature it on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Sounds pretty awesome right?

Come to our video studio in the Raleigh NC area, work with our entire team including our video team, professional makeup artist, media trainer, and photographer and leave with your professionally edited and produced Celebrity Interview video and Social Media Trailer that positions you as a sought after top expert, that you can use as a powerful tool to market your book or business and increase your online visibility. 

And we’ll feature you on our online TV Channel!



  • Prepare for a truly personal conversation to help you identify what will help you reach your goals faster
  • A customized-for-you blueprint that you can start implementing in your business right away
  • An introduction to The 10X Zone and how we can help you grow a business that makes an impact,
    creates the lifestyle you want and showcases what makes your brilliance. We are here to help, not
    to sell, so we will emphasize how we might help improve your current situation as we’ve been
    honored to do for hundreds of other business owners.