Each week I’m asking you to take on the weekly challenge. The goal of each challenge is to nudge you outside your comfort zone and move you toward accessing your personal power to achieve Big Results and help become a catalyst for Big Change in your life and the lives of you clients. The result will be more clients, more income, more joy and more service.

Each week I’ll list the weekly challenge below. Take me up on a challenge, then let me know if you need help or better yet, share your results with others who are doing the same. Let’s have a conversation and build your business!

Challenge #1 – Set up prospect enrollment conversations

Get outside your comfort zone by setting up 3 phone conversations with prospects who are subscribers or social media followers. Offer your them a limited opportunity to talk with you by phone, but tell them what they’ll get from the conversation, for example “3 fast action steps”. Offer it as a complimentary assessment, discovery session or laser focus call. Then take the opportunity to get to know them and gently lead them toward a product or program that will help them get the results they need. This is a really effective and fast way to easily enroll people who need your help into the programs or products that will help them quickly.

If you’re going after organizations, then set up “get to know you” phone calls with prospects you’re connected with on Linked In or Facebook. Offer to share some insights or knowledge that might help them. Either way, take the challenge! If you did this each week, can you imagine how busy you’d be?

Challenge #2 – create speaking opportunities

  1. Make a list of local organizations where you could find members of your target market
  2. Identify and write down the top 3 biggest problems your prospects face that you can solve
  3. Create a presentation outline and title it to address one of those challenges. Include 3 to 5 key points you’ll cover that will give people a reason to listen and to want to learn more from you
  4. Call these organizations and tell them you have a wonderful presentation that their members will benefit from and ask what to do to get on their speaking schedule.

Come back each week to see the new weekly challenge. Are you TAKING ACTION or just reading these and forgetting about them. As Suzy Orman says, “stand in your truth”. Challenge yourself to grab your dream!

Challenge # 3 – get more traffic and subscribers

  • Write a 500 word article about a topic covered by your product or program, making sure you have great keywords in the title and content
  • Make the article into a 2 minute video or record it as an audio. You can talk into the camera or create a powerpoint video with audio using Jing
  • Post the article on your blog and keyword tag it (this is what gets results).
  • Be sure your keywords are what someone might search for who could use your product
  • Post it to 5 article directories, including www.ideamarketers.com and www.ezinearticles.com. You’ll need a short bio and a link back to your product page
  • Post the video to YouTube and other 4 other video sites. Be sure to tag your video with your keywords.
  • Post the links to your blog and video on Twitter and Facebook over several days and encourage people to check it out.
  • Do the same thing every single week and you won’t believe the results. CONSISTENCY is crucial.

Here’s a video I did with Marnie Pehrson who owns IdeaMarketers.com.They get 600,000 page views each month and you could be on the landing page!

Challenge #4- Uncover your BIGGEST game

Here’s a challenge that will help you knock down any wall that is keeping you from expressing your heart felt inner power in your business. As women (guys do this too!) we often sacrifice being all we are meant to be by focusing the majority of our energy on nurturing others or supporting their dreams, goals or even dysfunctions at the expense of sacrificing our own. It’s easy to do this unknowingly.

I’d like you to write a short paragraph answering this question,

  1. If I could play the BIGGEST game I’m capable of playing; if I could wake up each day on top of the world absolutely thrilled with the impact I’m having with my business, what would my business look like?
  2. Where am I scattering my energy in my life, or putting too much else ahead of my dream? How is this holding me back?

This is the time to really GET HONEST. Picture your DREAM SELF– the one who people are drawn to, the one who people are thanking for the help you given them, the one they talk about with respect. What do you need to do to BE that person in the world, since it’s already inside you.

Challenge #5 – Create an Income Boosting Product Tree- Time Goal – 30 Days

Create a 3-level Product Tree to work less and make more.

Here’s a challenge that will help you convert more new prospects to clients and keep more clients buying from you again and again. I often see coaches and knowledge experts selling time for dollars instead of packaging their knowledge to lead prospects to them. Here is your assignment–

List the 3 biggest and most specific results people want in your market that you can provide
Create 3 products at rising price points based that help clients achieve these results.

1) The first should be something simple that can sell for under $37 like:

  • an e-book
  • an audio recording with a worksheet
  • a 2 or 3-part video tutorial

Explain what people need to do to reach one or all of the 3 results and give them some
“get started” ideas,  but to get a deeper level of help they’ll need the next products in your sequence. Title your product using one of the results. For example: How to Get More Clients in Just 30 Days

2) Create a second product that goes deeper into this topic. This could be

  • a home study course
  • a membership program
  • an audio or video tutorial with worksheets

Again, be sure the title creates a desire to learn more, and price this product between $197 and $497.

3) Create a third high level product

Make this product a program or service where the client gets personal attention from you. Make this a higher priced, more in depth product with some hand holding an price it over $1000. Now call this a personal mentoring program, an intensive or a VIP program. Make it more exclusive and really create value.

Make sure that when clients finish with each product they are introduced to the next level with an INCENTIVE to purchase.

When someone subscribes to your mailing list, make an offer for product #1 within the first week. Then wait several weeks while you build the relationship with some high value content before introducing them to product #2. Contact your product #2 clients over time to invite them to learn about product #3. You can also work with joint venture partners to promote product #2 to their subscribers for an affiliate commission, building your prospect list for product #3. This is a simple description of a process that can fill your business with clients again and again and have you working less and making more.

Challenge #6 – Make more money in less time

Create a one to two hour time block each day where you eliminate all outside distractions. No email, phone calls or interruptions. The best time to schedule it is during the time of day when your energy is highest and you are most productive.

Dedicate this time to the project that will generate cash flow for you as fast as possible. This could include:

  • creating a new info product that you know your market needs and wants
  • connecting with good joint venture partners
  • making a one time, time-sensitive special offer to your subscribers
  • having a sale of a current product or service
  • setting up phone calls with prospects and enrolling them in an upcoming program
  • creating a sales page that will increase sales conversion of a current product

If you do this each week, you’ll be jumping up and down with excitement at the results. Then you can go on vacation with a clear mind!