How We Help You

Build a Lucrative Business Based on Your Brilliance That Makes an Impact!

Make an Impact

When you make an impact you touch people on an emotional level. They stop multi-tasking and they pay attention. You change people and companies. Get help developing products, services and a marketing strategy that will have the biggest impact on outcomes so your sales and business growth will flow easily, your income will grow and best of all, you could leave a legacy of significant change.

Visibility & Influence

Become a sought after authority and an influencer by broadcasting your message to thousands more, showcasing your expertise and unique personal brand in a way that grabs the attention of your ideal audience so more people follow you, talk about you, refer you and your company and want to work with you. We call this The Celebrity Factor. It’s where you stand out from the crowd.

Release Your Brilliance

Leave the Ho-Hum behind. Go beyond competent and compliant. Of course you’re competent. But now is the time to release your authentic and unique brilliance so your personal or company brand stands out. People are instinctively drawn to experts and companies that surprise them, are authentic and real, that are creative, innovative and aligned with their true talents. This is your Sweet Spot where success becomes a smooth sail rather than an uphill struggle.

Get Hands on Help

Consultants, Experts, C-Suite Executives, Speakers and Authors who value customized, expert hands-on guidance call us when they’re juggling a demanding leadership role, want to broadcast their message or brand in a much bigger way,are seeking top notch growth strategies, or are ready to step into the spotlight and become more visible. Ready to stand out so you can hit new milestones? Let’s talk.

What is The 10X Zone

The 10X Zone is the place where you are able to increase your results tenfold. It’s the place where, instead of working so hard or feeling frustrated and stuck, we make things happen so exciting and impressive opportunities arise easily.

Breakthrough Limits

Most professionals are competent. They even excel at what they do. But to to break through current barriers and step into our brilliance means leaving behind limiting thought patterns, habits and beliefs. This is where magic happens for you, your business, and those you touch. Your potential for greatness is waiting to bloom.

Be an Innovator

Being an innovator takes the courage to be bold, be different and put forth your most creative ideas and solutions. When you or your company stand for something that stands out, and it’s clear in your offers, your marketing and your branding, people pay attention and your business grows.

Be Strategic

Random action gets random results. Action based on a custom-designed strategy gets impressive results. We become a key partner with you to offer strategic insights that match your strengths and goals and result in specific, customized action steps that help you reach your biggest objectives and position you to step into The 10X Zone.

The Client Multiplier Method

How to Build a Highly Profitable Consulting Business That Makes an Impact.

What  People Say

Turn Your Brilliance Into A Bold Business

All those years of professional experience, education and life experience have brought to you a wisdom and expertise that can help people and companies is a unique and valuable way.

Is it time to identify and release this brilliance, but you’re not sure how? Maybe you’re a seasoned expert, CEO, top professional, entrepreneur, speaker or corporate executive who is ready to turn your experience into a bold business that makes an impact.

Can you visualize yourself as a sought after speaker, author or a highly paid consultant or entrepreneur sharing your wisdom, experience and solutions with thousands?

Unfortunately many of us had the creative flow impeded or discouraged by our upbringing or our work environment. Yet when your brilliance is accessed and unleashed, people are attracted to you and your message like a magnet.

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Janis Pettit is a powerful business motivational speaker who fills each presentation with valuable content and thoughtful take-aways. She is available to speak for corporate meetings, keynote events, breakout sessions.