What Clients Say

“From the moment I worked with Janis, I began to see my business as a system that generated ongoing leads and revenue, instead of just a customized service sold to one client at a time. What a difference! She opened my eyes to a whole new level of revenue streams. Besides her profound knowledge of the market and her eye for spotting the bottlenecks that keep you stuck, Janis has two gifts that I prize: she is always ahead of the curve, spotting trends that can make or break your business in the next 12-18 months. And she has the revenue and lifestyle I wanted. Her Experts Freedom Formula really does set you free. Janis, a great big Thank You! I love the difference in my life.”

You’re Amazing!! You Really Opened My Eyes To A Whole New Level Of Revenue Streams.


Strategic Messaging Consultant

“As a successful online business owner with several active training programs, I decided it was time to take my business and my income to the next level. Janis was able to delve into my business and help me put streamlined systems in place. She helped me develop a specific product funnel strategy and put a detailed marketing strategy in place that not only has me on track to double my income…but that took many of the things that were causing me to be overwhelmed off of my plate.
Janis is a delight to work with! She is knowledgeable, personable, successful, and caring. If you have the opportunity to work with Janis Pettit, I encourage you to jump at the opportunity.”

On Track to Double My Income


Bestselling Author of Book Marketing Made Easy

“Just wanted to say Thank You Janis! Since the beginning of making the decision to work with you a month ago, I have enrolled new clients equating to $9,500 in sales– love this! You continue to inspire me, challenge me and help me to continue to grow my business, It’s like that quantum leap in my business.”

5 New Clients in a Month



“Janis, you’ve been an amazing support and guide in helping me to develop my online business strategy and operationalise it with your proven processes and systems approach. Everything is so much clearer now and I’m finally taking the leap!”

I’m Finally Taking the Leap


Australia’s Leadership Strategy Consultant

“I was completely stuck before talking with Janis. I wasn’t sure whether to try for more clients, or move into a new niche and which niche that might be. She did what other coaches had been unable to do. She helped me to finally see what was in my way, showed me what was possible, and restored faith in a distant dream. I now have the clarity I truly needed. We discussed concrete action steps I can take to make this a reality. I am so grateful she told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.
I’m excited again about what’s next for me and my business!”

Janis…showed me what’s possible…

JoAnna Stange

“As a top leader in a multinational company, I was laid off. In 2010 I launched my business. As a new entrepreneur I needed an expert guide. How to build a 6 –figure business? What market niche? How to stand out from a sea of coaches? How to leverage my experience? I started working with Janis.
The result? I now have an exciting new business model, a branded process and great new business name, a re-vamped website, a product funnel, the backend of my business that will make it run smoothly all set up, a great e-book to giveaway and build my subscriber list…..and a CLEAR plan for building a lucrative business.

Thank you Janis! What a difference a few short months can make! With this knowledge the sky’s the limit.”

I now have an exciting new business model…. and a CLEAR plan for building a 6-figure business.



“It seems that often times I step away from our sessions and realize how right you are with your recommendations. You have been a big help to me, and I can honestly say I am proud of where I am today – and I couldn’t have done it without you. In less time than I imagined, I was running a 6+-figure business and that’s just the beginning!”

“In less time than I imagined, I was running a 6+ -Figure business!”



“I was struggling to make my dream of building a successful coaching business a reality. Janis has helped me put my ideas together to create a branded process as well as new products, a new website and a long term strategy. I’ve got a really solid plan and I am now confident that the next year will be better than I could have imagined. In fact within one month of hiring Janis, I had generated $6000 in new income.”

“Within one month of hiring Janis I had generated $6,000 in new income!”



“Janis, you are a consummate professional and bring that to your coaching program. It’s loaded with value for the small business owner wherever he or she might be. I can’t imagine starting out without your guidance.
Please use me as a reference for anyone who might be on the fence. This is about taking a giant leap and soaring!”

I can’t imagine starting out without your guidance!



“Thank you for the excellent presentation at this morning’s Leadership Forum. The feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Frank Williams



Janis Pettit has a unique skill set – a blend of both gentleness and firmness that nurtures her clients and at the same time helps them clarify and take the next step forward. Her insight and wealth of business experience make her the perfect coach for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses online and offline. I highly recommend working with Janis in coaching/consulting! Her insights have helped me market my own business and choose the right business partners.

Lisa Rae Preston

Communication Specialist, Speaker & Copywriter re: Connecting with the Heart of your Audience

Janis is a true pleasure to work with. Very high energy and very knowledgeable. I like a person who does what they say they are going to do and Janis is right up there in my top ten people who do! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Janis any chance we get.

Gayle (McDaniel) Buske

President and CEO at Team Double-Click

Janis has the unique ability to interpret macro level business issues and help small business owners apply them to their own needs and requirements. She is an accomplished business coach with real world and firsthand experience that is difficult to find and even when located expensive to tap.

I respect and recommend Janis due to her personal dedication and focus on small business owners. Always working in their best interest and introducing truly eye opening concepts and strategies that make a measurable financial difference in her clients businesses.

Jeff Snell, MAMI, LCBI, ABI

Business Broker / M&A Advisor

Owner, Enlign Business Brokers

Janis is an expert in how to market a small business, especially using the internet. Her work with my speaking concern has improved my visibility and helped me put people in the seats for my seminars.

Gary Davis

Consultant at Dorrier Underwood

Janis knocks it out of the park when it comes to small business online consulting. Every conversation with her is a bring out the pencil and paper, write it down, value add. Janis is definitely a small business marketing expert who can help small business owners increase their profits and build their business faster by using her services and programs

Bob Liddle

Owner at Kustom Screen Print

Janis tirelessly finds and routes the best business guidance to her clients around the globe. With her global presence she inspires and specifically helps small business drive revenue and reduce costs through innovative, productive ideas.

John M. O’Connor

Career Strategist | $100K+ Executive Career Coach | Corporate Outplacement & Consulting | Talent Acquisition

Janis is a top-notch marketing consultant and a great “teacher” as well. Her approach to marketing and business is inspiring, impressive and valuable. I am already implementing and thinking differently about my business which helps my bottom line as well as my overall business acumen. Janis will make you work and make you think, but it’s oh so worth it!

Kate Leser

Owner, The Makeover Expert